14 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 12/30/18

  1. Thank you and all the people who are participating in making people aware of the issues! A challenge for 2019.

  2. Season Greetings Kate! & to our precious Big Sur!   Thanks so much for creating & sharing this slide-show of the genuine & heart~felt sentiment of the Big Sur community, & those of us nearby, in both Monterey & Santa Cruz County!  💟 I wanted to to send you this double-exposure screenshot I took, as the picture’s were changing!   All Blessings, in our New Year 2019!Jan🙋‍♀️🌲🌎

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  3. What I don’t understand is if this Event was put on by CPOA, or newly named Community Association of Big Sur (CABS), why didn’t they send out an email to its members announcing this … as I’m sure more Big Sur residents would of participated had they known!

  4. I think the idea for this first one was to keep it small and friendly with others planned for future without much push back. I don’t speak for CPOA/CABS but this is just my opinion.

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