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  1. Yes, I still have a copy stashed somewhere in with files of my old valuable stuff (which means would have to dig up a tote box and look for it). There still should be some copies at the school. Back in 2016 before I retired, I saw some in the School’s Community Room…a couple in a book-rack on the wall by the kitchen along with some classic jade reports done by the kids in Joyce Duffy’s class back then. I also vaguely remember some stacked in a box or envelope in one of the cabinets along the north wall of the room. There may even be a few scattered in various bookshelves about the school. Memories from all those years past.

  2. Yes, PV School office has at least one copy, probaby in “historical” file folder in our “general” files.

  3. Got it! Your post made me pull it off the shelf and start enjoying all over again!

  4. Not just living in Big Sur, but being born and raised here. Short little book, but really provides a whole ‘nother perspective!

  5. Many folks would be interested in reading this book! How about reprinting or making copies of the book and selling them at the next Jadefest as another avenue of revenue for the school?

  6. I don’t have a copy, but I’m still commenting. 1998 feels like yesterday. Having recently judged the MoCo Science Fair for the first time, I really enjoyed the kids who are honest in their descriptions. Do you know what happened to the authors?

  7. The authors – Kelson Baird is a first mate (I think it is – second in command – I am not a sea going person) on a NOAA ship, working with his brother-in-law, the Capt. Brian Willett owns his own heavy equipment company. Ira Comello is a bartender in town. Monte Phelps is a firefighter with Cal Fire and lives over on the eastern side of the Santa Lucias, and Kimberly Harris also lives over there, but not sure what she is doing. I should ask her mom or her sister.

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