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  1. My compliments to all Monterey country residents who like a clean natural coastal landscape..
    After spending millions and millions of dollars by Federal, State, County and the County Bureay of Tourism for promotional materials during the last 10 years we now can celebrate the effectiveness of electronic promotional reach out.
    This highly well funded mechanism of reaching out has underestimated the consequence of the total destruction by innocent tourists. Global reach today will just accelerate the destruction unless….we are wiilling to change!
    Yes, we have a toatal misconcept and surprised by the overflow and rapid destruction.
    Planting a few signs after people have spent $,$$$ will constrain the tourist from keeping a clean landscape.
    How nive, innocent and bassically a waste of our efforts.
    Crowd control measurements are the sole possibilty to protect the future of Monterey natural richness.
    A willingness of the tourist industry and governmental orgs at different levels to drasticly change our promotional process, to re-design a strategic apporach to manage and control tourism crowds and consequently managing the capacity in different ways.
    These are costly opportunities with modern electronic tools. Restricting vehicle capacity to only authorized residents; provide transport system for visitors with pre -selected areas for day visits. Overnight accomodations only in pre designed areas while overnight outdoors programs will have to meet certain approvals.
    It may take 10 – 15 years to accomplish this new structure while we also create a public transportation capacity to visit the Big Sur and other specific coastal tourist attraction while creating suityable parking capacity outside the area. Fort Ord offers currently the opportunities.
    Hope this short reference will encourage you to take a positive long term view. Plastering signs are totally ineffective unless you put it in 15 different languages and still the crowd will push into a different direction..
    Robert korstanje

  2. This is a clear and important message. Would also like to include fire awareness to the sign.

  3. While I agree about the long view, signage is long overdue. Especially at the portals N and S, Caution You Are Entering A Wildfire Area!
    ( this is a standard sign in Montana and Idaho)
    I would add:
    Minimum fine for illegal campfire $ 15,000 and 30 Days in Jail.
    The sign you show is ideal for trails, camping areas. Years ago when I inquired about the need for No Overnight Camping signs, CalTrans told me that they and the Forest Service had given up on signage because the, and I quote, “ the Big Sur Hippies just tear them down”
    Also, the Sheriff was unwilling to enforce the law until they had something to point to, as in, its posted. It took months of concerted effort, but the sign near the Rocky Point turnout has been effective. It’s a starting point!
    Whatever the history, we need to insist upon the standard signage found everywhere else in the Country, at a minimum,I believe. Thank you Kate for your commitment and perseverance!

  4. I think it would be important for the sign to include a directive re. absolutely no campfires or off-roading in grass areas allowed due to high fire threat.

  5. Fire rules deserve their very own signs — separate & apart from any others, I believe, as that way they can be adaptable to the seasons and conditions and BIG

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