Summer Solstice & the Basin Fire

(From my blog in 2010) “Today is the longest day of the year, and also the anniversary of the Basin Fire of 2008, the event that launched this blog. Today, I hope to reflect back on that time, and post a couple of photographs I took that day, if the Internet Goddess allows. The first two photographs are mine, but scroll down for the stories and photographs of others. I have also provided a link where others shared their stories last year, and more are doing so this year. What an amazing gift we have in each other!” You can read the rest of the blog, the stories, and more here:

Also, because a reader who wasn’t following me back in 2008 asked for information about these fires, I made public the collection of posts I put together back then of the blog posts from both the Basin and the Chalk Fires of 2008, reproduced as originally written — warts, misspellings, and all. You can find it to the right under “Pages” — Big Sur Fires, 2008. I found it interesting to re-read (my writing has changed a lot) and see the photos from those times.

Nadine Clark has this framed and hanging on her wall:

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