Devil’s Wildfire

2:30 pm – Spotter plane has returned to Hollister, so that is good news. Means this was probably a false alarm, but boy were they on it immediately. That is good news.

One local firefighter said they are canceling all incoming. I don’t know what that means, so let’s just hold off on the panic and see what is going on.

From LPF Wildcad:

08/12/2019 13:30. LPF-1830
DEVILWildfireDevil’s Peak.BC12LPF CRW3LPF DIV1LPF DOZ3LPF E319LPF E335LPF E337LPF E342LPF 4X E41LPF HB-XFT HEL528LPF HEL530LPF PAT18LPF Q...36 23.298, -121 46.30218S R2E Sec 5.

This is the area on Google Earth:

5 thoughts on “Devil’s Wildfire

  1. Kate, the red dot within that square is the fire’s location on Google Earth? The yellow pins signify LPF location points?

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