5 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 8/18/19

  1. Great photo! But the classic aspect seems to have been lost to the hordes of people, and the sprawl of multiple events taking over many neighborhoods. Concours on the Avenue started out so nicely, a few years back, but the Free aspect has turned it into a week long sideshow. Benefit— the impact of SeeMonterey & other tourist promotions in the face of those who fund it!! Over-tourism brought right to their doorstep, impossible to ignore. Praying for the backlash!

  2. Kate, did you have an opportunity to find old classic cars images via Caltrans from Hwy 1’s early year’s of operation in Big Sur?

  3. Three or four years ago, we were leaving Kirk Creek, to find a huge traffic jam at Lucia, composed of the old cars on their Big Sur tour. Not an ordinary jam: a big old heavy touring car lost it’s brakes as it was parking. It had gone over the embankment and was hanging mere feet above the umbrella of a patio table. The food was scattered as the diners had scooted away. Dozens of folks standing around, the old cars parked everywhere possible, (Not in the road tho.) Everyone was trying to figure out what to do. Somebody in a pickup stopped, grabbed his tow web straps, hooked them on and marshaled a posse of guys to try to pull it up. No luck. They called Cambria for a tow truck with a crane to lift it. We couldn’t wait around to see the action. But how incredibly scary and such a near miss!

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