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  1. Thank you Kate … do you know if Visit California sent this Survey out to all community residents (renters, employees, Businesses, property owners, retiree’s, etc) alike, and do you know if Visit California also included a Spanish version of this Survey for our Spanish speaking residents? Thanks!

  2. For Janet and the rest of you who are curious: No, Visit California only sent it out to their mailing list. Anni and I are signed up for that. Anni sent it on the CABS board who decided to send it on to their mailing list, and I decided to post on my blog. There you have the backstory.

  3. You have to pretend you own or work in a tourism based business to take the survey. It’s all geared to the impact on the tourist industry, nonetheless, you can be managing your own life/ property/ leasehold in a tourist area and take survey from that standpoint. Lots of opportunity to get point across about impacts to environment.

  4. The bridge in the CABS logo is part of the problem.
    The survey is “asking a horse to fix a merry-go-round… I mean he’ll try his best, but mostly he’s just going to get horrified.”

  5. The bridge in the CABS logo is part of the problem.
    The survey is “Asking a horse to fix a merry-go-round… I mean he’ll try his best, but mostly he’s just gong to get horrified.”

  6. Thanks Kate. The first link wouldn’t work, but the second one was live. I took it, specifying I was not in the tourist business.
    Here is my concluding comment: Stop promoting tourism to over-used under-protected areas such as Big Sur. Use tourism money for practical needs such as restrooms and shuttles. Education as part of every promotion – ie: Big Sur Pledge and similar to be used on booking sites, state and national parks. Explain to tourists other options and how to be respectful visitors. They don’t know, especially foreign visitors. Involve local community members and organizations in plans – they know the impacts and what needs to be done or avoided. Yes, consider promoting other areas, but consult locals first to be sure the infrastructure will support the tourism. It sounds pie-in-the-sky, but local governments, Caltrans, park officials, local businesses, local civic organizations all have valuable insights and need to be included in long-range planning and implementation.

  7. What “Pen Scratch” said, “Education as part of every promotion,” applies to tourism industry promotion of bicycling too. For example, when visitors are encouraged to bike on roads unsafe for children and inexperienced riders, or to bike on trails in county parks where bicycling off pavement is prohibited, or are uninformed about state bike laws as well as varying local ordinances on sidewalk riding and more, that works against creating a more bike-friendly county. Among the negative impacts, voters who don’t value improving infrastructure will point to unsafe or inconsiderate behavior as a reason not to support bicycling. Education is important! Unfortunately, I have found few tourism professionals, chambers of commerce, parks officials, etc. responsive in that regard. Until that changes, you can help by sharing bike law summaries and other posters and mini-fliers provided on bikemonterey.org. See the “Resources / Los Recursos” section.

  8. Ernest thank you for the direct link to your survey! What I don’t understand is why Visit California is doing this “Sustainable” Survey when not more than a month ago Visit California was introducing their Partnership with China for “Road Trip Republic – Classic Highway One” tours, and also stated “use the itineraries to hit “Bucket List” landmarks”. All these trips are all on Hwy 1 between San Diego and SF … this ain’t very Sustainable, why not redirect these Travels up Hwy 101, or Hwy 5, I’m sure the small towns of the Salinas Valley could benefit from these tours, I would imagine Modesto, Ripon, Fresno, etc. could too. Lets spread the wealth and share with others! Anyway, if anyone of you would like to check out and read up on all of these “Classic Hwy One” Tours that Visit California has to offer, just google – road trip republic – hwy 1 classic – and WaLa!

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