10 thoughts on “Firewood Sales Idea from Big Sur Lodge

  1. Why allowing fire wood for sale, only in pits. This tells me fire is OK!
    Digging spit and making fire seems to be totally insane message. Your pit is ok….
    No foreigner will understand fire in a pit is ok..as long as you buy my wood…
    Stop this nonsense. No fire is understood!
    Please retract all your false communication. You basically tell the visitor that driving is prohibited except on the left side.
    No fire, anywhere. In camp, outside camp, no fire in wilderness or back yard. NO FIRE.
    No wood for sale to have a fire!
    Please wake up.
    Robert korstanje

  2. Think this is a good start. Would be nice if all who sold firewood copied and used.

  3. Agree with Robert – half-way measures about fire are not a solution to present day conditions in wildlands or any campgrounds. Few campers know how to make a good efficient fire … whatever the season. The closely spaced campsites are smokey with a stench of burning plastic and smoldering garbage all night into the morning. smoke … choke.There was a recent comment that fires in every pit are a throw-back that are not practical, healthy or even an authentic experience. One idea is that any campground hosts, when the season/conditions are appropriate, could have one central fire per a prescribed campsite area, well-designed, well-managed by a campground employee for any who wanted to sit by a pleasant fire for the traditional experience. It would offer the option of clear outdoor air for all campers and serve as a real practical means of informing everyone about wildfire danger.

  4. Add info on the proper way to extinguish the campfire, including not leaving until it is completely cold.

  5. Why?

    Why would anyone promote the sale of firewood in a fire-prone area during the summer? Especially to outsiders (read,; visiting campers) who do not understand the hazard of open fires – even in a fire pit.

    Y’all are insane!

  6. Kate, I agree with Robert & Martin’s sentiments – did this subject get addressed in the latest community meeting at all?

  7. Kate, I suppose you’re referring to Barbara? Labor Day weekend is going to be an active one..

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