9/1/19 Wildfires

UPDATE #2: 4:14PM 9-1-19 VEGETATION FIRE #JolonFire (#Lockwood, Monterey Co) – IC reports forward progress stopped.
https://twitter.com/CAFireScanner/status/1168284677829844992 [ca fire scanner on twitter]

3:30 pm – Okay, seems to be one fire called Jolon at Jolon/New Pleyto in Lockwood. Tankers 74 and 75 out of Paso on that one with immediate structure threats. The one on Los Coches is burning toward Arroyo Seco and/or Gonzalez, it is not clear. That one is calling for evacuations, and the scanner reported 3 firefighters injured, but this one may be 2 actual fires, close together, again, not that clear, yet. Threatening 337 structures at this point. MCSO reports on this later one: “Deputies are on scene of a vegetation fire in the area of Thorne Road and Arroyo Seco Road in Greenfield. Evacuations are being conducted on Cedar Ave.” Also MCSO reported multiple firefighters airlifted out due to burns.

There are three going, one at Jolon and Bradley in Lockwood, One in Greenfield that has burned 3 FF near Los Coches calling for any available, and a third near Jolon and Chadwick, reporting the back side of the mountain is on fire. All per the CHP website, info from scanner, and also SLU is sending engines to the one in Lockwood.