Tourist Tuesday, 10/15/19

As I have been saying for almost a year now, I won’t be posting the horror stories of overtourism any longer — they are multiplying faster than I can keep track. It is a worldwide phenomena.

Big Sur is exploring solutions, but to get there, we need data. Counters have recently put in a number of places (5?) on Carmel Valley Road, and I expect the same will happen here on Highway One. I have suggested a number of additional places NOT on Highway One. CABS put out an email request for suggestions on where they should be, and I answered.

Once I have something concrete to report, on anything about overtourism and Big Sur, I will do so. In the meantime, want to do something? Write to your state representatives (in CA) and point out the hypocrisy of this state’s position of climate change vis-a-vis the position of our tourist agency —

California wants to be a leader in tackling climate change and yet it, through its tourist agency (paid for with our state taxes), uses the “road trip” as its major selling point for our state. We pay taxes for emissions control and development of green technology, for example, while we also pay taxes to invite people from all over the country and the world to take the ultimate road trip here — SF to LA — the usual route taken to sell our state to other countries. This adds to the environmental impacts we are trying to avoid — by tens of millions if not billions. This is the height of not just hypocrisy but of idiocy. Climate change is real. The science supports it. And where is California on the issue? Bringing in millions and millions of airplanes, cars and drivers to accelerate this change. I thought we were smarter than this. Contact your representatives and ask them to be smart.