Urgent Repairs to Carmel Valley Road

November 6, 2019
Urgent Road Repairs Scheduled for Carmel Valley Road at MP 13.62

The County of Monterey – Resource Management Agency announces urgent roadway repairs for Carmel Valley Road at MP 13.62. The area of the roadway has deteriorated due to prior storm activity; thus, the County is taking proactive measures before the next storm season.

Work is scheduled to begin November 18 and will continue tentatively through November 27, 2019. Construction activities will include removal and replacement of the damaged storm drain culvert, installation of a catch basin for drainage and re-pavement of the affected roadway.

Repair work hours will be from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Efforts will be made to accommodate the morning AM and evening PM peak travel hours and avoid periodic lane closures during these times. In general, commuters should anticipate ten-(10) minute to fifteen-(15) minutes additional travel time due to periodic lane closures and delays.

Message boards will be installed Thursday, November 7th on Carmel Valley Road to alert the public of the upcoming repairs and anticipated traffic delays.

The County has designated points of contact for this project to receive questions and coordinate with agencies to provide a collective response:
Bonnie Perez, Management Analyst II Email: perezb@co.monterey.ca.us
Karina Bokanovich, Management Analyst I Email: bokanovichkt@co.monterey.ca.us

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