Fuel Moisture levels dangerous

Do not be fooled by the thick fog these last few days. It is not rain, and won’t lower the fire danger risk.

From Daniel Swain, Weather West (https://weatherwest.com/) : “Strong warming trend across California into weekend & next wk, w/record highs possible (into 80s & even 90s in few spots). Still no rain next 7-9 days. Beyond that, mixed signals. Modest possibility of precip, but also of offshore wind events. Which will come first?”

I finally bought myself a personal “weather station” like the ones firefighters carry. I got the 3000 because that is what a fire photographer online friend uses. Next time, the 3500. Here is what it will measure:

Long cord for hanging around neck, and a protective cover. This is what it looks like:

Now I need to figure out how to use it!

2 thoughts on “Fuel Moisture levels dangerous

  1. Kate has a new handheld weather station tool; I wish it had an air quality sensor or function key within it, but, it’s a good start.

  2. Those Kestrels are easy to use. We have the same ones in the dept. I’ve got a cheat sheet I’ll send you.

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