2 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 11/17/19

  1. This photo speaks volumes. It shows a blue moment to remember those who served our nation. Back in ’72 I left behind my youthful life aspirations to take my place in the U.S. Navy, to sail across the Pacific Ocean in our ship for deployment in far away places off the coast of Vietnam, to combat the forces of murderous despots like Pol Pot of Cambodia, and finally return to home, where life would never be the same. I’ll remember those friends who never came back, and those who returned damaged deep inside. Now, our duty behind us we carry on with life as citizens of our nation. Enough said.

  2. Hi Kate and All, models trying to bring in a very moisture starved storm Tuesday late evening thru Thursday afternoon next Thanksgiving week. This storm appears to be rather weak with an “inside slider” trajectory meaning colder with not much of a moisture tap. After this storm it does appear like dry conditions could establish for a couple weeks? If this does happen everyone needs to stay on high alert for fire danger. We all have to remember the Pheiffer ridge fire in mid December several years back and how vegetation can burn even after wetting rains! If wondering when larger storms might arrive is anyones guess right now but models are now seeing a possible *Polar Vortex Split* mid December and takes couple weeks for repercussions to impact lower latitudes like Big Sur. Judah Cohen the expert in this science is thinking could split so West Coast ridge becomes amplified keeping us warm and dry, however the split could help shift us out of this prolonged dry pattern. We shall wait and see!

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