Photo Sunday, 12/1/19

A repeat today, as the storms, road conditions, changing over from fire season to storm season, is always a busy time, not to mention the new puppy to exhaust me.

Fall colors in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur, California by Dan Danbom

And just for grins — 24 hour rainfall totals as of 5 am: (note: I changed the links out from fire season to winter season last night)

This is as of 8 am Sunday, 12/1

3 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 12/1/19

  1. So Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek held during this storm? That would be very encouraging, as it dumped a pile of rain in some areas of Big Sur, and frankly, I predicted there would be problems.

  2. Mining Ridge running away with the highest precip total in this region close to 9″ nearing 2 pm..

  3. It doesn’t seem to matter whether Paul’s & Mud hold during the storms, The Powers To Be close the road anyway and disrupt tourists & local travel, schooling for the students on the coast, and God forbid a medical emergency for those of us in the Cal Trans Gated Community that no one chose to live in!

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