9 thoughts on “Sunday Photo 2/16/20

  1. good eye. love “seeing” things like this…love being ABLE to see like this…. Like hidden beauty in the around. keep your eyes open!

  2. Thanks, Ken. Figured it was something ex-military. Perhaps Hunter-Liggett.
    In 1972, I lived on Mescal Street in Seaside- Fort Ord was to the East.
    All day long you would hear machine gun fire, training for Vietnam combat.
    Used to work in the mess halls there doing KP duty. (kitchen patrol)

  3. Wally, from that perspective there is subtle irony in this photo. Encroaching into frame on the right are some thin, dark objects which are actually Pampas grass. There are several huge plants growing on the loading dock and out of doorways. In a very real sense, a silent war is still being waged for control of this real estate; much like the physical evidence of the Vietnam war has been consumed by their jungles. Nature always wins the final battle.

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