Community Survey re Sustainable Tourism Destination Stewardship Plan

From the Team at Beyond Green Travel and Community Association of Big Sur: 

Dear Big Sur Community Members and Stakeholders,

As you may already know, the purpose of the Big Sur Sustainable Tourism Destination Stewardship Plan is to create a forward-looking action plan to better manage visitation to help protect Big Sur’s cultural and natural heritage, while also benefiting the local economy and community way of life for years to come.

As part of the process of reaching out to and collecting information from community stakeholders, the Resident Survey (links below) asks your opinions about tourism in Big Sur and potential visitor management strategies.  All individual responses to the survey will be keep confidential, and any comments that may be shared in the Destination Stewardship Plan will contain no identifying information. 

The deadline for completion of the survey is March 15, 2020Please complete the survey only once, and please feel free to share the link with other residents or others with their roots in Big Sur.  The survey is available in both English and Spanish. 



The surveys are also available via our website,, where you can continue to provide comments, suggestions, concerns and recommendations.  

While we encourage you to complete the survey online if at all possible, we can also provide a hard copy to complete.  If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact Kate Daniels at 831-241-2761, or you may also contact us via email:

Thank you for your time in completing the survey. We look forward to our continuing engagement and consultations with Big Sur community members and stakeholders, as we work to create a plan that can help Big Sur remain a unique and special place for present and future generations.

Best regards,
Costas Christ
CEO, Beyond Green Travel

Butch KronlundExecutive Director Community Association of Big Sur

2 thoughts on “Community Survey re Sustainable Tourism Destination Stewardship Plan

  1. A Resident Survey – than they asked us to share the survey with others that have roots in Big Sur. Honestly pretty much anyone will claim they have roots here, so this makes me ask is this really a Resident Survey? Than after reading over the Survey itself I noted on the Yes and No questions and the other portion that there is no included space to further explain our answers … so how will our answers be interpreted?

  2. I am not a resident, but I do have roots. I explained my relationship/roots in the space provided very early in the survey, and the very last question provides further space to explain anything further if need be.

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