Fire Season in February?

It would appear so, and Weather West (Daniel Swain) is warning that this week and the first week in March will be hot and dry, a precursor to our seemingly never ending fire season. *Sigh*

“Baseball Fire” burning east of Covelo reaches 40 acres; Forest Service and Cal Fire responding

Is it time for me to change all my links again? Maybe the header photo, too?

Baseball Fire is 68 acres and is 40% contained. 15 miles southeast of Covelo near Atchison campground. In the Mendocino NF near the Mendocino County-Glenn County Line.

5 thoughts on “Fire Season in February?

  1. Back in late January I was listening to the weatherman on the morning KTVU news out of Jack London Square in Oakland and he stated that the chatter among meteorologists was that if central/northern California received no rain in February, we were looking at having a pattern setting up similar to that of what New South Wales faced during its late spring, mid-summer. I sincerely hope he is wrong, but I noticed today while I was out that the rattlesnake grass in Skyline is already starting to turn brown as are the hills along highway 68. Unsettling times indeed.

  2. Hi Kate, after this teaser rain today (March 1) real rains looking to start next Saturday (March 7th) with more storms lining up around March 12th, March 16-18, and maybe more thru March. Im looking at late March/early April for some interesting storms too. The MJO (activating in east Indian ocean) and Arctic Oscillation (moving toward negative from record high positive in February) are lining up for first time all year and hopefully generates enough forcing to shift large scale pattern or Planetary Rossby waves in North Pacific Ocean Basin. Glad rain appears to be coming cause im sure not ready for fire season yet, however keep your fingers crossed or do a rain dance next week for the trend has been split flow with storms moving down the coast or inland missing us on both sides!

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