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This is hard to read, unfortunately, as it is not aligned properly, but that is how I received it. If you read “between the lines,” just under the red NOTE:, the steps are given to sign up for curbside or home delivery of groceries from the stores in the blue box at the right. Website: Http://

First, note they want you to enter your zip code and of course, there are no participating stores in this area. I tend to shop at the Albertson’s in Morro Bay, so I put in the zip code for Morro Bay. Turns out they only deliver to some areas of Morro Bay, so I picked a street I knew not too far from Albertson’s, then made up a likely house number, and voila, they deliver there. Of course, I will be requesting curbside delivery for a date and time specific. Don’t know how this will work, and it will be a week before I do it and can report back. If you live in town, you might have an easier time of it.

In addition to these listed stores, Wal-mart, Target, Grovemarketdelivery in Pacific Grove (I think) and Bruno’s in Carmel also have the service. Go directly to their websites.

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  1. In solidarity: Instacart gig drivers are planning to strike soon and the media is all over it..

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