Mary Adams Fireside Chat

1200 Aguajito Road, Suite #1, Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: (831) 647-7755
For Immediate Release – January 8, 2020
Supervisor Mary L. Adams invites Fifth District Residents to Chat
The issues don’t have to be ‘hot’ to share your thoughts with Supervisor Mary L. Adams at her upcoming Fireside Chat.
Fifth District Supervisor Mary Adams will host her first Fireside Chat of the new year on Wednesday, January 15thfrom 5:30 to 6:30 pm.  This Chat will be held in the Cypress Fire Station, located at 3375 Rio Road in Carmel. At this first meeting of the year, you are expressly invited to come and help shape the Supervisor’s priorities for 2020.
About Fireside Chats
Fireside Chats are informal meetings held by Supervisor Mary Adams throughout the 5thDistrict. Meetings are held in the evening to increase access of working people to their County Supervisor. All District residents are invited to bring any issue or concern of importance to them to discuss with Mary and her staff.  
Other 2020 Fireside Chats are scheduled for:
·      March 18, City of Monterey Fire Station – 600 Pacific St., EOC Room, Monterey, CA
·      May 20, Monterey Regional Fire District Office – 19900 Portola Drive, Salinas
·      July 15, Cypress Fire Station, Rio Road, Carmel
·      September 16, City of Monterey Fire Station, Pacific Street, Monterey
·      November 18, Monterey Regional Fire District Office, Portola Drive, Salinas
An RSVP isn’t necessary.

Census Takers

Besides the allocation of funds, perhaps even more importantly, at least to me, if that the every decade census allocates the 435 seats in the House of Representatives among the states and the districts within the states. This is critical in times like these.

The Census Bureau is Hiring for the 2020 Census!

Part time and full time positions are available in Big Sur paying more than $20 per hour. Earn extra money !  Make us all count.

You can apply online by visiting or attend the recruitment meeting at the Big Sur Library on January 11th from 10 am to 1 pm and apply in person.

The census is completely confidential and safe!

The census is about funding and power: The population count of Big Sur and all of Monterey County determines the amount of federal funding our communities receive for programs like free school lunch, road work and repair, medical services, food vouchers and general benefits.  The census will also determine the political boundaries of our region and the congressional representation we will have, the foundation of our democracy!
Community Association of Big Sur
also needs volunteers
 to help reach
our neighbors up and down the coast.
To answer this call to service, email
your interest to:
 Download a copy of the 2020 Census, Frequently Asked Questions HERE. (PDF, 1 Page, 382 KB)

Sustainable Tourism In Big Sur?

I have continually requested that in these types of communications when we list balancing the interests of … or listing our priorities, that we put the environment first, not last, as without the environment, the residents, the businesses, the tourists would not be here, and yet, it continues to be listed last. (See *bolded portion below in 3d ¶) Get our priorities straight, and eventually, people will listen. That is my first suggestion.

Despite this misapplication of priorities, I applaud the efforts of BGT, CABS, CHP, MoCo, USFS, State Parks, and all of us who are involved enough to make a difference. Please, let your voice be heard.

Beyond Green Travel Announces that a Community Big Sur Destination Stewardship Plan Comment Portal is Open     

In order to capture as much stakeholder input as possible, BGT has created an online website to capture written comments and suggestions pertaining to the creation of a sustainable tourism plan for Big Sur.  Please visit
Your suggestions, observations and recommendations are welcome and integral to developing a plan that *balances the interests of the visiting public with businesses, residents, commuting workers and the environment. Please take this opportunity to express constructive, solution based comments HERE:
In the coming weeks, the local DSP steering committee will be announced.  Additionally, surveys are being developed to solicit specific feedback from diverse stakeholders.  We will provide updates on both the steering committee and the survey process in the next 30 days.
On behalf of BGT,

Download a copy of the above notice HERE. (PDF, 1 Page, 132 KB)

Hazard Mitigation Forum

Dear BSMAAC and Big Sur community members:

Monterey County Office of Emergency Services is hosting a Hazard Mitigation forum at the Big Sur Grange Hall on January 16th from 6pm to 8pm.

Join us to help your community be hazard ready!

Monterey County is updating its current (2016) Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. In compliance with FEMA’s published requirements and procedures for local hazard mitigation plans in 44 CFR §201.6(c)(1), the public outreach strategy for hazard mitigation will provide a mechanism for coordination and accountability among the jurisdictions, as we seek to enhance community engagement and education.

Monterey County is a community with diverse concerns and needs. Hazards such as, fires, drought, floods, landslides and severe weather are just a few hazards that cannot be prevented. Come join us on our hazard mitigation community event to learn more about creating strategies to reduce disaster loses and foster community resiliency.

You can register to attend here:

The Lookouts of Big Sur

Here is my latest article for Voices of Monterey Bay:

In the fall of 1984, Soaring Jenkins and future husband Isa Starkey climbed up Cone Peak for the first time. She made it up the 2¼-mile trail — cussing, sweating — and there met Ruth Albee, who’d been a lookout in various places for a decade.

Ruth “was in her 60s and loved the trail I’d just sworn at,” Jenkins said. “But I looked around and fell deeply, instantly in love with the tiny glass room and the wide expanse of ocean and mountain views. I told her I wanted to be a lookout and she said, ‘Go ahead and apply here; I’m going to work next year at Chews Ridge Lookout.’”

It was that easy. Jenkins was a lookout there for the next six years and she says she did it for the love of the place. Other Big Sur fire lookouts I know say they do it out of a feeling of service and duty. It’s a way to give back to Big Sur.

Though it was one of the most difficult and isolated lookouts in California, Jenkins-Starkey told me that “I wanted that job more than anything, I felt a strong magnetic pull to be there, yearned for it, and learned everything I could through the Fire Brigade training, to prepare for it.”

For the rest of the article, including interviews with Nadine Clark, of Big Sur, and Scott McClintock, of the Federal Fire Lookouts Association, on the Chew’s Ridge Lookout Program, see :

“I had a May Sarton quote taped next to my desk: ‘Loneliness is the poverty of self, solitude is the richness of self,’” said Jenkins-Starkey. “It got me through a lot. After I’d been there several years I began to feel that everyone ought to have a long, long period of solitude to learn the contents of their mind, to learn how to exist, to just be, instead of always doing something.”

Learn the contents of one’s mind through solitude. I like that.

Found Dog at Pfeiffer Beach — Update: Reunited with his human!

The parks management people at the Pheiffer Beach Kiosk found the dog pictured below. I’m sending the photo to you in hopes that you’ll put it on your blog.
It’s a male, maybe around 80 lbs, boxer mix. Nice dog, let all of us pet him and pull ticks off.
The 2 contacts for more information are: