Supply convoys, Tuesday and Friday this week between north gate of Paul’s Slide and north of Lime Creek.

If I am reading this correctly, the convoy will meet at the north end of Paul’s Slide, so those south of Mill Creek are sh** out of luck? That is where most of us live, so not sure who or how many this benefits? I am goingt to try to clarify.

From Cal Trans:

MONTEREY COUNTY – Caltrans is coordinating with the Monterey County Emergency Operations Center to schedule a resupply convoy on Highway 1 on Tuesday Jan. 24 and Friday Jan 27.

The convoys will depart from the north gate at Paul’s Slide (PM 22.5) at 8 am and travel to the north closure limit at Lime Creek (PM 32). The convoy will then turn around and head south back to the gate at Paul’s Slide.

The convoy will repeat this trip again, starting at the north gate of Paul’s Slide at 12 pm and 4 pm.

Residents are asked to wait at their driveways if they wish to join the convoy as it passes.

Again, these convoys will take place on Tuesday Jan. 24 and Friday Jan. 27, with starts at the north gate at Paul’s Slide at 8 am, 12 noon, and 4 pm.

If necessary, this effort will repeat the following week.

Road information and updates can also be found on Caltrans District 5 Social Media platforms: Twitter at: @CaltransD5, Facebook at: Caltrans Central Coast (District 5) and Instagram at: Caltrans_D5.

From Monterey County:

Media Advisory

Portions of the Big Sur Community face long-term Isolation

The County of Monterey Department of Emergency Management in conjunction

with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, Big Sur Fire Department, the California

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and the Big Sur community are working

on a plan to meet the needs of residents that are essentially cut-off from vital

services due to multiple landslides on State Highway 1.

In meetings with the County Department of Emergency Management team over

the last two days, Caltrans shared information regarding the closure of the

Highway 1 due to slides at three locations. These slide areas include Paul’s Slide

(Postmile 22 in Monterey County), the Mill Creek slide (PM 18 in Mon. Co.), and

the Polar Star slide (San Luis Obispo County, 24 miles south of Mill Creek).

Paul’s Slide has once again accelerated in response to the recent heavy rainfall. It

is unpredictable and the slope continues to adjust as the slide moves, causing

material to flow and rocks to roll into the roadway.

At Mill Creek, the saturated and over steepened slope is on the edge of stability

and appears to be approaching failure.

At Polar Star, rocks and soil are constantly falling from the temporary cut that was

made at the base in order to gain access for crews and equipment to remove the

slide material and correct drainage. The failure of the over steepened rock

material could occur at any time.

Currently there is no safe access through Paul’s Slide, Mill Creek, or Polar Star,

effectively isolating the Big Sur coast between the Polar Star slide, just south of

Ragged Point to and through Paul’s Slide.

Caltrans will be leading convoys of residents impacted by the slides by the HWY 1

slide closure north of Paul’s slide interior locked gate at mile marker 22.5 to the

north of the outer closure at mile marker 32.35. Convoy scheduled for Tuesday &

Friday at 8:00 am, 12 noon, and 4:00 pm.

Residents that are impacted by slides on HWY 1, between the Pauls slide and the

Mill Creek slide are able to use Nacimiento Fergusson Road on an emergency

basis. Residents south of the Mill Creek slide are not able to reach Nacimiento

Fergusson Road. The County, State, Big Sur Fire and local collaborators are

developing a plan to insure basic needs are met for all residents remaining in the

effected areas.

“Our concern is that this is going to be a prolonged closure and our top priority is

making sure people have access to essential services,” said Tracy Molfino, interim

manager of the Monterey Department of Emergency Management.

The County’s public information office is working to establish open lines of

communications with community groups to ensure people get access to vital

information. “The County is committed to providing timely and accurate

information to the residents and businesses in Big Sur to help manage this difficult

situation,” said Nick Pasculli, Chief Public Information Officer.

The County will utilize social media and email communications as well as the

county’s website to push information out to this community.

# # #

Kevin Drabinski

Public Information Officer

Caltrans District 5

50 Higuera St.

San Luis Obispo CA 93401

Office: 805.549.3138

Cell: 805.748.1858

TTY 711

Virtual Local Assistance Center

Good morning team,

The Department of Emergency Management has launched a virtual Local Assistance Center on the web. It is available in English and Spanish. Please push the link out to your contacts as we will be doing the same with our collaborators and the media. We are also requesting that the county’s social media working group share on their channels so we can maximize distribution. 

Here is the link:

Thank you,


image001.pngNicholas M. PasculliCounty Communications DirectorChief Public Information OfficerCounty Administrative Office168 W. Alisal Street, 3rd FloorSalinas, CA 93901(831) 796-3094 O/

A Winter’s Tale from the South Coast

Here is just one of the stories I tell in my article for Voices of Monterey Bay.

Another example of neighbors helping neighbors happened on Sunday morning. One of the amazing, hard-working volunteers with Big Sur Fire, Thomas Leahy, checked on a neighbor down by the Monterey/San Luis Obispo County line, where he found his neighbor on the floor. He called in the South Coast Engine crew, which showed up within a half hour.

They transported the patient to Ragged Point, whose lawn is used to land helicopters all the time. The firefighters spent most of the day on phones provided by Ragged Point, with one of them staying with the patient in a room that the business provided. These four firefighters — including Caleb Chesser, Joel DePola, Mike Handy and Leahy — spent all day trying to find a way to get this patient out of this closed and blocked off area and to a hospital.

Finally, after trying so many ways and people, the Army National Guard sent a helicopter that landed on the lawn of Ragged Point and flew the patient and his wife to a local hospital, where he remains as of this writing. It landed in the dark and rain. Hats off to this pilot and to our South Coast crew of the Big Sur Fire Department —  neighbors helping each other.

To read the rest of the stories I tell about life on an island, see:

Department of Agriculture directs additional fuel funding to Los Padres

This was released yesterday, but I was so busy fielding questions and getting information, I spaced it. Later today, I will be releasing my latest article for Voices of Monterey Bay. This marks the 21st day of daily reporting on the storms and their effect.

Caltrans Update, 1/19/23, with emphasis on Polar Star Slide

Date:Monday, January 19, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.
District:05 – Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties
Contact:Kevin Drabinski or Alexa Bertola
Phone:(805) 549-3138      (805) 549-3237





MONTEREY / SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTIES – Caltrans and contracted crews continue to report throughout the day on road conditions within the Highway 1 closure area. The northern closure limit moved south on Tuesday Jan. 17 and is now located at Lime Creek at PM 32.


Caltrans is aware of the dire circumstances being faced by residents, as well as our own crew, within the closure area.Caltrans has made the resumption of resupply convoys a priority once roadway conditions permit such travel.

The rains which followed the January 13 resupply convoy made sections of the highway unpassable due to damage to the roadway. Within the last 24 hours, inspections have reported multiple locations within the closure limits where slope failures above the roadbed extended well into the roadway. New slides are occurring every day, even in areas where they have not previously occurred, due to the level of saturation of the soil due to the extended period of inclement weather.

In addition to slide activity, the rock nets at Paul’s Slide, which provide a level of protection at this site, were damaged. Repairs of these nets is underway. The removal of debris and material is necessary to allow repairs of these nets to begin.

At this time, Caltrans engineers and contractors on site indicate that the roadway is not safe for public travel at multiple locations as a result of field observations of existing damage and the unpredictability of the new failures.

Caltrans is committed to allowing for a convoy when the roadway conditions are improved enough for it to be conducted safely.  We are in conversations about the field conditions multiple times a day with our field staff and contractors. We will schedule the next convoy as soon as road conditions allow.

Polar Star

Progress is being made at the southern slide located one mile south of Ragged Point at 

a location known as Polar Star.  Crews were able to create an opening at the bottom of the slope where crews and equipment have been able to pass to the north side of the slide to address the drainage and slope from above.

This work is being conducted on an unpredictable, steep slope, near the top of the slide.

Much work needs to be done to control the drainage issues on the surface and below the surface at this site.

The top of the ridge continues to recede back away from the road in the direction of a utility pole. Caltrans and contracted crews are coordinating with PG&E to remove this pole within the next few days.

No public travel is permitted at this time through the Polar Star slide due to the treacherous and unstable nature of the slide.

The southern closure of Highway 1 will remain at the elephant seal viewing area, four miles north of San Simeon.

Road information and updates can also be found on Caltrans District 5 Social Media platforms: Twitter at: @CaltransD5, Facebook at: Caltrans Central Coast (District 5) and Instagram at: Caltrans_D5.

Our crews deserve to get home safely too.

Drive slowly and carefully in work zones.

CHP Traffic Incident Information Page:

Traveler information at:

Big Sur Byway Organization Special Meeting Recording

Hello all, 

At yesterday’s Big Sur Byway Organization, Caltrans provided a presentation and status update on current conditions on Highway 1. There was Q&A and discussion with residents and business owners in attendance about the current road closures.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we have posted a video recording of the meeting on Monterey County’s YouTube channel. You can watch it here:

(Unfortunately, the recording did not start until about 5 minutes into the meeting, during the general public comment portion of the meeting, so the start of the meeting call to order and roll call are not included.)

We hope you find this informative. Thank you. 

Sarah Hardgrave | Chief of Staff

  to District 5 Supervisor Mary L. Adams

  County of Monterey

  Phone:  831-647-7755

Back Country Report

The best part of the trip was probably seeing several of my neighbors out working on the road making sure it was passable! Thank you all! My community is amazing. We don’t wait on the agencies, we help ourselves and each other. Rock Knocker even stopped on Nacimiento and redirected some water that would have ended up undermining the road if it wasn’t diverted to a better path, and we waited and watched to make sure it worked. Here are just a few photos I took. I have an article I have to write today, an interview with a reporter for the NYT, and so much clean up to do I don’t know where to start! Oh, and we were stopped by the FHL police who was making sure who we were, where we lived, where we were coming from and making sure we knew the road was closed. I will be adding a few more throughout the day. These are chronologically ordered, so the new ones I add will be on the bottom, if you revisit this evening.

The rivers shown are the Nacimiento River and the Salinas River.