Images: Soberanes Fire Incident Base

The Soberanes Fire incident base is located on the Rancho Canada Golf Club property off Carmel Valley Road. The two golf courses on the property are in the process of being shut down and donated to conservation concerns. In the meantime the property will act as a perfect spot to house a couple of thousand or more firefighters and equipment. I was able to capture a few images from the periphery of the camp. These images give a slight perspective on the setting.

The ‘camp’ has only been in operation for 24 hours but in that short time has become a self contained city of its own. Security has been established on Carmel Valley Road and no one but authorized personnel can walk the property.

Incident Base6

Fire Personnel Tents Along The Carmel River

Incident Base3

Some Sleep In More Comfortable Accommodations

Incident Base1

Chow Line

Incident Base5

This Sand Trap Has Seen Its Final Days Of Play

Incident Base2

Night One of Operation Of The Soberanes Incident Base, Carmel Valley.