How cold is it?

Noon update – yay! Finally got water and having my first cup of coffee, as well as a hot bath! Tonight, before I go to bed, I will fill up the tub with water, fill the dog bowl inside, fill the tea pot with water for coffee, and let a faucet drip all night long. How many gallons of precious water will that take?

It has regularly been down in the mid-twentys at night, and last night, with the wind chill factor, it was 12! The dog water dish is frozen solid – 3-4″ worth! My pipes are frozen, so no water for the dogs or for my coffee this am. I am hoping they did not burst – I have all copper – and will thaw out this am to bring me water again. It was 49 degrees inside, when I built the fire on top of last night’s coals. I hope you all are staying warmer than I am!