Comet Pa-STARRs


I just got my first glimpse of Comet Pan-STARRs this evening a bit before sunset — no binoculars needed! And I of course thought how spectacular it would be to see from the Santa Lucias out over the Pacific.

So do try to take a look if you have a moment. It was just to the left (south) of the Sun approx 15 mins bef sunset. At first glance it looks kind of like a jet contrail — except that unlike a contrail, it isn’t moving. Tomorrow (sunday) eve, it will be slghtly higher in the sky, so one will be able to see it longer into the dusk. And judging by its tail this evening, it could really turn into an impressive sight by monday/tue when it will appear close to the new crescant Moon. So, be sure to get out and look for it! (And binoculars won’t be required, but are a very good idea)

Here is an article on where to look:
-p (Paul Saffo)

Here is what one can expect to see – okay, having trouble uploading a photo! Grrrr…) I photographed it with my iPhoto, but tomorrow night, I will make sure and have my Nikon available. As you can see, I found it slightly to the right, or north of sunset tonight.