Cal Trans Convoys

Well, this was enlightening. Cal Trans posted a video on twitter and FB showing the Convoy yesterday. Those trucks with double trailers are coming north over the Pitkin’s Curve Bridge, and then through Paul’s Slide could only have come from Nacimiento, over a bridge rated for only 15 tons and 30′ in length. How much do these fully loaded monsters weigh? And how long are they?? Any truckers or heavy equipment operators want to chime in on this? I sure hope Cal Trans plans on repairing that tiny little bridge and Nacimiento Rd when this is all over, assuming it lasts.

I have been told these trucks are 65′ long and weight 40 tons loaded. I am afraid the representatives of Cal Trans, USFS, MoCo and others are going to get tired of hearing from me, but I feel it is important. I sent them each a copy of this photo and the length and weight of these transfer trucks, as I have been informed.

Go to Cal Trans District 5 to see the video, but here are 2 stills. Just what Cal Trans told me they were NOT doing. (Sorry I didn’t “clean up” these screen shots.)