A photographic hodgepodge

There are a number of photos I have been meaning to upload here, but just never seem to get around to it.

This first one was taken on the early morning run to the vet for Gideon’s surgery. One great thing about getting on the road early. I have seen this herd many times, but never this close to Highway One. Unfortunately, somehow, I forgot my camera and had to use my iPhone. Two of the males are getting ready to fight.

Tule Elk by bigsurkate

“The tule elk (Cervus canadensis ssp. nannodes) is a subspecies of elk found only in California, ranging from the grasslands and marshlands of the Central Valley to the grassy hills on the coast.[1] The subspecies name derives from the tule that it feeds off of, which grows in the marshlands. It is the smallest subspecies of all American elks, with the average weight of adult males only 450 – 550 pounds. The females average 375 – 425 pounds. The calves are similar to deer fawns, with brown coat and white spots. When the Europeans first arrived, an estimate of 500,000 tule elk roamed these regions. But by 1895, habitat loss and hunting had reduced the elk population to only 28.[2] Conservation measures were taken to protect the species in the 1970s.[3] Today the wild population exceeds 4,000.[2] Tule elk can reliably be found in Carrizo Plain National Monument, Point Reyes National Seashore, and portions of the Owens Valley from Lone Pine to Bishop.” (wikipedia)

I will add a few more later today and perhaps tomorrow, but I have been procrastinating on work long enough!

The World in Waves by bigsurkate

This is a light fixture in a restaurant – The Chart House, I believe. I did title this post a hodgepodge, remember?

Doorway by bigsurkate

This was a doorway in San Juan Bautista. It lent itself quite nicely to a soft black & white treatment.
Sunset o the Ranch by bigsurkate

This was also taken with the iPhone, thus the “halo effect” from the HDR. I took this back in May.

Okay, that’s it for today. Look for more tomorrow!