Bob Mattson, Barbara Sparhawk, and Black Walnut

Last week I got an email from a friend and fellow blogger in Carmel Valley, Barbara Sparhawk. What an amazing lady. Her life has been so rich and diversified, I want to be her when I grow up. She wrote for CBS News, FOX, and others in NYC, all the while doing huge murals in NYC, Coney Island and other places. You can find a sprinkling of who she is here: hawk’s Perch

Any way, she emailed me about a walnut tree that had shed a limb that she wanted to offer to a Big Sur wood carver. Rock Knocker is such a carver, so I asked if he would be interested. “Hell yeah!” he said, and so we were off to see the Farm Center in Carmel Valley on Robinson Canyon Rd. I hadn’t been since I moved to the South Coast, and there were LOTS of changes! I love what the place has become – an artist’s colony. Here are some photos of that journey.





I am convinced that Barbara is a soul sister from a past life. If not, she should be!


Barbara carried 90% of the wood to Rock Knocker’s truck. What a gal! I’ll make sure there is a bowl for you, but RK says it will be at least a year before it is ready to carve. If he won’t carve it, I will. My maiden name is “woods” for a reason!