Smoke drift

3:20 pm – got confirmation that FHL is doing a controlled burn in Stoney Valley. Let us hope it doesn’t get away.

3:00 pm – can find nothing out. One source says he can see the drift to the east of him in Paso, but nothing is being reported anywhere that I have found. I’ll keep trying.

2:15 pm – The first thing one notices up here with a fire, is the change in the light. I noticed that this morning, so I was keeping an eye out … Then Boogie showed up, then Rock Knocker showed up, then Bill and Jane showed up. A whole week of visitors in just one day. Now that all are gone, I am seeing a lot of drift. WildCAD, LPNF is showing nothing, either is CHP. I am checking in with my sources, and will update when I have additional. It is definitely east, but can’t see any plumes. Will go to top of ridge in back for a better view if I can’t get anything and will update this post shortly.