Los Burros Mine, 1958

Gerald A. Doyle (front) and James B. Pauley at the Los Burros mine in southern Monterey County in the Los Padres National Forest. James B. Pauley and Gerald A. Doyle were prospecting the mine for gold. Photo: Peter Breinig, 3/4/58 (From The Herald Archives) While this is labeled as being The Los Burros Mine, it might be mislabeled and might actually be the Kinder Mine, which Doyle owned about this time. I know the current owner, so will try to verify. The Kinder Mine is in the Los Burros Mining District.

Per the current owner of the Kinder:
“Hi Kate…. No.. that is over on the Ancona on ______… Those two had a great thing going… Too bad they had to give it up…. Some of their ore was fantastic… ” Mining is no longer allowed in the Silver Peak Wilderness, EXCEPT for valid claims that existed BEFORE the creation of the wilderness and which have been kept up.