Highway Vandenberg Fire

2:00 pm – the detour up Harris Rd. has been closed to commercial vehicles due to safety concerns on the narrow, winding road.

1:30 pm – A flare up of yesterday’s fire has closed highway one near the base. More information as it becomes available.

From KSBY breaking news alerts; Highway 1 has been reclosed due to a flare up in between the Main Gate at Vandenberg and Lompoc, according to Lt. Ray Geoffroy.

Highway Vandenberg Fire

5:00 pm – local news is reporting:
“Highway 1 re-opened just before 5 pm. So far the fire has burned more than 300 acres…There are 25 buildings on-base that have been evacuated…All non essential military personnel have been asked to evacuate VAFB and stand by for orders. The cause of the fire is blamed on a blown transformer. There are no reports of any buildings being burned in the fire.”

4:00 pm – Earlier today, a fire broke out on Highway One, near the main gate of Vandenburg Air Force Base. Much of the base was evacuated and Highway One was closed. At 3:15 it was 150 acres. Lots of air attack and strike teams have been responding on this one today, and as of 4:00 pm, it is reported by air attack that the fire is 400 acres and 80% “lined.” “Lined” is NOT the same as contained. This is being reported by gacc.nifc.gov as of 4 pm today:

“Highway Incident CA-AFV-003253 Fire reported at 288 + acres 0% percent containment burning in grass and medium brush. Threats / Values at risk Lompoc Federal penitentiary, Air force Village West and a major electrical transmission line in the fires perimeter. There are reports that the power to Vandenberg Air force Base is out to a majority of the base proper with some sections of the base are on back up power or generators. A Request for a Type 2 CIIMT has been placed to the GACC. There are a number of VLATs (Very Large Air tankers) are assigned.”

The DC-10 is working this one, but I don’t know what other VLATs.

There is live streaming video on Fox 11 (link below) which I cannot vouch for, as it is difficult for me to get live video with my connection.