Tired of Fires

I’m tired of fires. Aren’t you? Let’s take Sunday off and go visit the National Automobile Museum. Going to Hot August Nights? Make sure and stop in and see this treasure. Come, explore some history and Enjoy your Sunday~!~

I’ll continue to post new shots on and off today.



That first lovely hood ornament was from this car, but with my artsy photo, I cannot tell what type of car it was — 30’s it looks like. I was interested in getting the ambiance of the street scene in this one. Maybe someone else will recognize it:


Here is another view of that great blue car, but I still can’t tell what it was. It is the first blue car in the line up. The first, brown & tan car was an early Jaguar. Isn’t it lovely??


And this one, I got such a kick out of it. I normally don’t like flash photos, but I’ll make an exception here. It is an all copper Rolls Royce, a 1921 Silver Cloud with a 6-cylinder “L” head. It originally cost $16,000.


Oh, so many lovely cars. Maybe a few more tonight … oh, and I have checked. Both fires turned the corner, La Brea is 60% contained, and Lockheed is at 50%.