Opening of Hunting Season, 8/8/09

Dawn and dusk … gun fire permeates the best times of the day. The quiet and serenity of the place I call home is disturbed. The critters are disturbed, and somewhere, a buck may be fighting for his life — running in fear from the guns that populate these hills. I prefer the bow hunters. They are silent, the bucks have an equal chance, and only the best hunters are rewarded. With guns, even an idiot can get lucky. My experience is the bow hunters don’t use 4 tracs, either. They are stealth. They are swift. And they really know how to hunt. I have complete and utter respect for them. Kelly Collins used a bow. He was a real hunter.

Since dawn … one dog hides under the couch — Dakota has always been frightened of the sound of gun fire. (BTW-the inside is completely healed, finally. The outer skin has not yet closed, but I expect to lift her “house arrest” in a week or two.) Bear, on the other hand, barks constantly at the sound of gun fire. Gideon and Miranda seem indifferent, until the shots get closer, as they are now.

I have the wonderful task of dodging the idiots as I make my way down the coast to restock on everything. Debating the trip. On the one hand, I can get photos of all the yahoos and their vehicles, just in case someone does something stupid. On the other hand, do I really want to be dodging bullets? Hmmm …

8/7/09 Updates on local conditions

Ponderosa Fire 100% contained as of 7 am. Roads were all still closed as of 9 pm last night, including Plaskett, but that does not stop people. I counted 8 separate campsites, some with 4-5 cars in them. And that’s just on Plaskett. I called the USFS law enforcement.

Hunting season opens tomorrow morning, so I am sure it will be crazy tonight and tomorrow. I always dread these opening season days. The worse of being human comes out in most people — the blood lust, the inconsiderateness, the stupidity of the alcoholic stupor, to name just three.

Added from Cal-Fire from Friday, 8/7/09: “Ponderosa CA-LPF-2563 Fire remains at 458 acres, and is 100% contained. Large de-mobilization that started yesterday will continue through this morning. Fire activity is minimal with some smoldering fuels within the containment lines. Mop-up is continuing as is patrolling in all divisions.”