Jade Festival 2009 – set up

I stopped by the school late this afternoon, to check on things. You know, see what was happening. Plaskett Creek Campground is full, not surprisingly. Vendors are there, setting up. The sound stage is going up, lots of activity going on.

It’s a happenin’…


Did I say there was going to be music, or what?? Look at all that equipment!!


That’s Kirk Brock setting up Rock Solid Jade. He’s put together over 50 vendors who come almost every year. There is always a waiting list.

Can you tell I’m getting excited?

Jade Festival day after tomorrow

Lots to do ‘twix now and then … so, unless there is a fire or other emergency, the next post you will read will be Friday around noon from the Jade Festival, hopefully, with a photo of the opening of the Drum Circle, led this year by Tracy Morgan. Dick Horan has retired from leading the drum circle which he has done for most of the last 17 years. Thanks Dick!!

Oh, well. Things came up, and I put up THREE posts on 10/8. It happens!

Jade Festival Count-down!

Only 3 days until the 18th Annual Jade Festival begins, as so many of you already know. Woohoo! Are we getting excited? Last minute details being worked out, the gang is pulling together, as usual, everyone is working hard, and according to the weather report, we should have clear skies all 3 days!! One vendor had to pull out at the last minute, but was immediately filled from the waiting list.

I am going to try something new this year, and see how it goes. I am going to try a few real time posts to my blog throughout the days of the festival. Unfortunately, I cannot upload video, although I would like to. Maybe next year, when I have to pay for my blog anyway. Video capabilities come with the “paid” version. So, I’ll see how this works. I’ll be reporting it sort of like I did the Chalk Fire, but throughout the day. Wish me luck!

Jade Festival Vendors, 2009

As those of you who regularly attend our Festival every year know, most of our vendors come back year after year. There are a few changes from last year, but most of the vendors you have all learned to appreciate will be here. Here is this year’s vendor map:
Jade Fest Vendors B&W

Copies of the map will be available at the Main Information Booth, staffed this year by Rose Welch, Mollie Field, and bigsurkate.