Remembering Terrydactyl

This from James McFarland:

Terry left instructions that in the event of his death that he was to be cremated. He requested that his long time friend and fellow paraglider pilot, Honza Rejmanek, scatter his ashes. Honza has a very busy schedule, but he is available to come to Big Sur the weekend of JULY 14th-15th. So that’s that.

The distribution of Terry’s ashes will be timed depending on the weather. Saturday afternoon [the 15th] has been penciled in. A memorial is scheduled for Saturday evening just after dark, with a possible group dinner held just before. The timing is to allow for folks who live out of the area to arrive and depart on the same day.

Plan on a potluck and B.Y.O.x. (bring your own whatever) scenario, with the possibility of a group area set up for a shared meal.

A memorial blog has been created in Terry’s name for those wishing to post stories and/or photos:
remembering Terrydactyl

thank you!
james macfarlane

For locals, we will start the party at Sand Dollar, the usual time (big sur time) – organic, spontaneous, bring what you can, come when you can, and we will share food, drumming, laughter and song and bid goodbye to Terry, as well as Jeffe, whom we haven’t sent off, yet. Both of them would want us to P-A-R-T-Y in their honor, and some of us old farts want to be home before dark! (Me and Rock Knocker and several other locals, I know of.)