Canyon Fire – Tehachapi

As of 11 pm – these are the Monterey resources being sent to this fire: “Monterey County Local Government Resources Assigned:
Strike Team 2175C – Report Time 0600 at the ICP
CH6406 – STL (MNT) – Monterey Fire
E5232 (NCD) North County Fire
E5335 (SLS) Salinas Fire
E5535 (MCF) Monterey Regional Fire
E7331 (CHF) Carmel Highlands Fire
E8831 (FHL) Fort Hunter Liggett Fire”

As of 10 pm, San Luis Obispo County resources sent:
“Type 3 ST 9341C just dispatched to the incident from SLU.”

I’ve been watching this fire since the plane crashed yesterday afternoon, and watched the webcam while it “blew up.” Boy, did it. I’ve watched blow ups before, and seen them much closer up than I care to, so I recognize when it happens. I also watched as it created the dreaded “ice capping” which can create its own dangerous weather conditions.

Tonight, while checking the status of this one (which is in the neighborhood of 8,000 acres and growing – probably reaching 10K acres over night, per one prediction) I found this from about 9 pm this evening: “XMY2175C from Monterey County dispatched: Sea, Sal, NCD, Carmel Highlands, Hunter Liggett….ST leader from Monterey Fire” and decided that given the local crews that are being sent to assist in this fire, local coverage is appropriate. If you aren’t aware of this fire, it might be time to become so. Still not the devastation being experienced in TX, and I am so sorry for all our friends there, but given the local crews dispatched, I thought readers might be interested.

My wish is for a safe season for all our guys and gals where ever you are sent to fight fire. Blessings to you all.