Plaskett Final Update … And a million

final count was 3.1 acres. FHL responded as well as LPF, and who knows who else. A WT came up around 10 pm to get 1500 gallons of water from my neighbors well. There was a transition to another IC at 7:45 am, but all indications are it was just a watchful eye needed for a bit. Was told we lucked out on this one. There was NO wind last night.

Sometime during the Plaskett Fire, bigsurkate reached the milestone of one million views. Appropriate on so many levels that it happened last night/this morning on this fire. Synchronicity. Thanks to all my loyal readers. I think it is going to be a long season for all of us. I’m calling this week to arrange for satellite internet. Can’t deal with the slowness and iffyness of this Verizon system of mine. I want photos, mine and others, to be involve ease of down and uploading. Still no plans for video as I am already paying enough for media storage on my blog.