Library, Casablanca Mosque

Library, Casablanca Mosque, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

While I am sure it is not a “slow” day in Big Sur, I am staying home, resting up from my vacation and doing some catching up on the thousands of emails, a stack of mail, and sundry other things.

I woke at 3 am without a clue as to where I was. Comes from never staying in one place more than 3 days, and many places for only 1 or 2 days. It took me almost 15 minutes of laying in the pitch black, before I realized I was no longer in Greece!

Our first day in Casablanca, we visited the tallest Mosque in Morocco. The Moroccan art & architecture is a study in symmetry. It is a beautiful country, which I was blessed to see many parts of.

As one can imagine, I have tons and tons of photos to sift through. The bad news is, I dropped my D90 in Santorini, Greece — on concrete. I could only take photos manually, and even then had trouble with focus and exposure.