Parkhill Fire, SLO Co.

10:00 pm update:

I get a local SLO station (actually several) and they are giving breaking news update throughout the evening, and I expect a full-blown report on the 11 o’clock news. Last report was as below. 3 homes have burned, 300-400 evacuations in place, a large air resource request is in for tomorrow, beginning at 7 am. My girlfriends are coming in from other states for a reunion of Big Sur ladies tomorrow, so other than a quick check-in tomorrow am, I will be off duty until early evening, unless something actually breaks in Big Sur. For additional info on the Parkhill Fire, a great source is SLOStringer’s FB page. If you like him, you will get updates on FB.  He has some great photos and video. He’s the “bigsurkate” of SLO Co. 😉

7:30 pm – 

From wildlandfire:

“In-between 1,000-1,200 acres 0% containment, forward spread has slowed as weather changes. Evacs still in place. Has not crossed Park Hill. Hoping to get it tied in tonight.”

A report from someone in the area …

“Not sure what to say… this fire is serious. Approaching or over 1000 acres as of 6:00. I’m leaving the fire now and will post more information picture and videos soon. Mandatory evacuations are in place in the area and a lot of people are refusing tieing up precious resources. Help the FFs help you. Tons more equipment incoming. Should have more info up by 7:30PM then heading back out. Multiple structures have been lost, I watched 2 or 3 burn to the ground myself. Animals everywhere. Shelter at Margarita Elementary. Large animal rescue on scene.

I will not be replying to messages or comments for the next foreseeable future.”

7:30 pm, 1000 acres. Another photo from Twitter, this one taken in Oceano

photo taken from Twitter, taken in Templeton

7:00 pm – So far today, first a structure fire in Atascadero (California Manor), now controlled,  then a vegetation fire in Parkhill, east of Santa Margarita,  currently underway, and a structure fire in Paso Robles just broke out. Structure fully involved and quite a column being put up, visible from the airport. Keep an eye out.

The Parkhill fire is currently at 500 acres and 10% contained. It has 6 tankers and a heavy helio working it, as well as numerous ground crews. I’m just gathering all the details. It started this afternoon, but I was busy painting.

Oh, and as reported by the Herald, a car over the edge yesterday at Soberanes. 67 year-old woman was conscience when they got to her.