No Parking NB Highway 1 at Point Lobos

For Immediate Release Contact: Maia Carroll, Communications Coordinator

June 27, 2018
No Parking Signs Added Near Pt. Lobos for Emergency Vehicle Access
‘No Parking’ signs will be installed this week along northbound Highway 1 near Point Lobos to allow better access for emergency vehicles while traffic is impacted by construction at the Highway 1 Climbing Lane project at Rio Road in Carmel. Parking will still be allowed along southbound Highway 1 near Point Lobos.
Maintaining emergency access is particularly important as the 4th of July holiday approaches and there are more travelers not only on the roadways but at nearby beaches where emergency calls are routine this time of year.
Work crews will place signage June 28th and 29th on the east side of Highway 1 along the shoulder 1,800 feet to the north and south of the entrance to Pt. Lobos State Park. This additional signage does not affect entrance to the park. However, with limited parking within the Natural Reserve, visitors are encouraged to consider exploring one of the numerous other state, county and regional parks and beaches in Monterey County.