Clueless in Big Sur, 4/20/15

i want to start a new column, so-to-speak. Stories, preferably humorous, Or made so … About our clueless visitors. I’ll start, but send me any experiences you wish to share, and, if they have a point, but use humor to make it, I will publish … With credit or anonymously, as you prefer. Send your contribution to

I’ve noticed that Saturday night the wilderness visitors are a bit stranger than those who come on Friday night. I am at a loss to explain the difference.

This past Saturday, late afternoon, early evening, I came upon several cars heading up Plaskett. One, a Subaru Outback didn’t want to pull over, so I rode his tail up Plaskett. From Gary’s driveway  until the bull frog, this guy wouldn’t pull over. Finally, a wide spot, and I was able to pass. I watched him in the rear view mirror, but he held back. I gave him no more thought. I needed to pee, but there were campers at all my usual spots, so I waited until I got to my gate. 

As I opened my Jeep door and went to get out, I was suddenly surrounded by 3 guys from the Subaru Outback. They were startled by my gate, and wanted to get through. “We have to get through, we are meeting friends at Prewitt Ridge camp.” Really? Demanding I let them through? Oh, yeah, like that’s going to work. “No, you can’t go through.” “But, our GPS sent us this way.”  “I don’t care if your mother sent you this way. You cant come through. Now, turn around, go down to the highway and go up Nacimiento. Goodbye.”

Clueless in Big Sur.

Wildfires/Medical Aid

1:30 pm – I love our neighborhood and my neighbors. I haven’t been watching LPNF WildCAD, but a neighbor has. He called me (thank you, very much) to ask me to look out my window to Prewitt to see what was going on and if I could see smoke. I couldn’t. Abandoned campfires are now called in as Wildfires. I would have remained blissfully unaware, being deep into a book to avoid this heat, so thank you, sir. You know who you are. I will continue to pay attention, and if there is any change, I will post it here.

BTW, I count on all my neighbors and friends to let me know about these kinds of things. I am only one person – who doesn’t do heat well, so needs all the help I can get!
This is WildCAD, LPNF:

06/30/2013 12:56 LPF-1931 (New) Medical Aid PREWITT RDG & CG M . BC12LPF E16LPF 4X4 E17LPF PAT19ALPF . . .
06/30/2013 12:39 LPF-1930 (New) Medical Aid Pine Canyon Sta . E43LPF . . .
06/30/2013 12:21 LPF-1929 (New) Wildfire PREWITT RDG & CG M . . . . .
06/30/2013 12:18 LPF-1927 (New) Wildfire Nac/ferg cyn . . . . .