South Coast Ridge Rd Repair & Closure

From Duke Krenkle, USFS:
“Hi Kate. I’m trying to contact as many residents as I can in the Prewitt Ridge area and thought you might be able to post some information on your Blog. The Forest Service is planning on completing some road repair work on South Coast Ridge Rd. in april and unfortunately it’s going to require a full closure. I haven’t gotten all the details yet and I’m hopeful we’ll be able to negotiate a time frame for the closure that can accommodate resident’s schedules, possibly one or two weekends. All I know right now is that the contractor will start april 20th and should be completely finished by april 31st. The project is located a half mile in from Nacimiento Summit in a narrow stretch of road.”

As soon as Duke receives further info and forwards it on to me, I will post it here. These posts also go to FB and Twitter, but there are those who live in these mountains who aren’t on line – not many, but a few, so if we can all work to assure that those individuals also are notified, it would be helpful.