Free weed-free straw bales

11/4/08 11 AM

Hi Kate,

Can you post this on your list serve? [blog]


The Monterey Fire Safe Council and the Big Sur Land Trust have rounded up about 500 FREE weed-free rice straw bales. They are currently staged at Elkhorn Slough Foundation’s barn.  They are available to anyone who wants them but the logistics need to be worked out. I am trying to get the word out to people to see who needs them and also who can help get them down into Big Sur.

We need people with large trucks to bring a load of them down here.

We need somewhere where people who need them can pick them up and where they will stay out of the rain.

Please contact me if you need straw bales and/or can help organize storing or getting the straw bales down to Big Sur.


Kerri Frangioso


Cell 831.402-7825

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