Morning Report, 11/7/08

Until the rains begin again, I will probably not be posting, much, unless I have something to say. (I’m a lawyer. I always have something to say!) But this morning, I see smoke-like haze to the north, and out over the ocean. Looks quite a ways away, but I have no information, and darn, I don’t like not having any information. Anyone out there know anything?

This comment from Firefox: “The haze may be from the controlled burn that State Parks is conducting in Andrew Molera State Park. There was a distinct scent of smoke this am in the area around Pfieffer Ridge.  They are burning off some of the brush that has taken over large sections of the park.

They expect to continue on different plots in the park for a few days. Let people know to NOT call 911 when they see smoke or flames in the area but they can contact State Parks or read the posted notices at the Big Sur Center Deli, River Inn Store or MAF if they want more info.


Also, I would just like to add to the explanation about how control burns add nutrients to the soil, that there are a number of native plants that can ONLY be germinated by fire. That is why CNPS people love to come hunting for new finds in the spring, after a fire. Never know what new plants, or rare plants will be discovered!