Tea Fire, Montecito


“My brother is a musician and lives less than 2 miles south of the fire , he has lost power here is a picture he just took beforehand , feel free to post it on your blog, or to fwd it to news agencies , his name is Justin Fox, of the band Tripdavon. (Jason Fox, Seattle WA)”

I’ll be driving through the area today, assuming 101 stays open, and will offer a report, if I can see anything from the highway. I would imagine that traffic will be quite heavy, considering all the roads closed in the area due to the fire. I will be taking my laptop, and camera, so will have the tools of the modern blogger at my disposal.

I can’t believe I will be going through fire again! What is it about 2008, fires, and me?

2 thoughts on “Tea Fire, Montecito

  1. Kate, i’m going to do one comment here on your last several posts.

    First, congratulations to Isabella.

    Second, Montecito?!!! I have friends down there in the hills. I better give them a call and thanks for letting me know. I went to bed early lastnight and missed the news.

    Be safe when you’re down there today.

  2. I have one thought when I see this pic: Thank goodness the winds were not as horrid when the Big Sur fires were burning!!!! I really feel for all those people down there!! The videos on the news of the wind blowing the flames are staggering.

    And another thought comes to mind: the amount of disasters in just the last year (or 4) have certainly added up to something huge. We aren’t hearing about the floods in the mid-west any more, or the hurricanes and Galveston’s losses…or even much about Katrina and the aftermath…or the earthquakes and tidal waves in Indonesia (more happening the last couple of days!)…or the huge dust storms across the globe…or the Artic melt this year…but we will be feeling the consequences of the sum of these occurances for a long time. I am looking into training in a ‘necessary’ way (emergency response) here in Dallas. We are all gonna need as much help as possible and need TO help as much as possible in the years to come…

    Thanks Kathleen for your blogging.

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