Smoke investigation

From a friend: “Scanner just went off for a smoke investigation on the Nacimento/Coast Ridge Road.  Somebody from Lucia called it in– Nakarubi area.  Forest Service is investigating – non burn day.”

” Ok – Martha talked to the owner at the fire site – old stump from Chalk Fire flared up – sending pump truck.  Sounds like everything is under control.”

And FWIW, I cannot see ANY smoke from here, so whatever it is is very small.

Playing for change

This music video will make you cry with happiness. I wish I could figure out how to embed it, but the best I can do is provide a link. Playing for change seeks world peace through music. It is a new movement, with only a couple of songs, but start with this one, Obama’s inauguration theme song — or should be — you can find the others. Blessed be.

If you wish to join the movement, go to:

I urge you to check this out, if you like music … if you like peace … if you like feeling hopeful about the future of this planet.