Sand Dollar Beach

Sand Dollar Beach, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

While we need the rain, it is hard to complain about weather like this, when much of the nation is snow-bound.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Also, an update on the Alm’s Ridge Rd.: “For the past 4 days these 2 guys (Jim and Tom) have been working on the lower part of the Alms Ridge road.  Really nice guys and they have done a great job.  Although, they did say that they needed 2 weeks, and some culverts to do the job right.  The FS gave them 4 days- I guess It took them one day to get here…they said they were putting in an extra day (at their own expense) so they could do the job in a good way. ” Hopefully, Alm’s Ridge can get approval for the needed culverts, to keep this from happening.

I wanted to add this update because often times, we only hear when the USFS messes up, not when they are responsive and working with us to mitigate the problems. Kudos to Bradford and his team!!