Storm Watch, 3/5

Noon – FOX channel 35, KCBA did an interview with Debbie Reed and Martha Karstens. There is video as well as text, for those, like me, who find video difficult on the internet. The link is:

Not much to watch, but there is still the chance of some rain today, and then we are in for a clearing and warmer weather for tomorrow, through (dare I say it?) next week.It looks like additional rain fell up here, sometime between midnight and 5 am, but I don’t have the amount, yet.

CHP is reporting no problems, at this time. Most of us who live down here in the South Coast understand that even when the rain has stopped, the warming causes expansion, which in turn can lead to rock slides. So if traveling through here, it is still important to be aware of rockslide possibilities.

Also, new event to benefit Pacific Valley School on March 29th posted on the announcement page.

2 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 3/5

  1. It’s been raining in the Big Sur Valley since about 6:00 a.m. this morning. Nothing hard, but just steady rain. No problems with the road that I’ve heard of. Are we going to be able to handle the sun?

  2. Glad to hear peaceful news. We are getting off & on again small showers his morning. I’m looking forward to this weekends clearing weather when my brother will be visiting. OHHH and down at Salmon Creek… I miss heading on the deer trail up to the upper rock croppings to watch sunsets.

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