The Green of Spring

  The Green of Spring, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

These  historic water tanks are owned by the State Park. They sit on the El Sur Ranch, the oldest continuously operating ranch on the coast. They are across from the Coast Guard Station and the Lighthouse.

Slight chance of rain Sunday. 20%. Will keep an eye on it.

4 thoughts on “The Green of Spring

  1. I’m sorry i’ve not been around the past couple of days, i’ve been under the weather so to speak.

    Kate, your recent pictures are as always… beautiful! I remember sitting below those water tanks to the right where its sort of flat back in the early 60’s while eating lunch. I hadn’t realized that the state park now owns them. I hope they keep them repaird and in use just incase.

  2. So beautiful! I have not experienced a Big Sur Spring in 30 years. Your photos always bring back wonderful memories. Take care.

  3. You have captured “my tanks” in all their splendour! So beautiful–thanks from all of us who enjoy your talent!

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