Springtime in the Colorado Rockies, 3/22/09

This is just one photo of Springtime in the Colorado Rocky Mtns., on I-70, just before Leadville. Lots of skiing going on, and more, after tomorrow’s storm blows through! The second shows the altimeter.



dsc_1205That’s 10,400 ft.

One of the many gifts my parents gave me was the gift of seeing most of the western national parks when I was growing up — long before they were crowded. My step-dad also gave me the gift of teaching me how to backpack up some incredible mountains, carrying everything I would need on my back for camping out in the woods. While both my mother and brother were campers, they did not share our love for backpacking.

Today, I saw Pike’s Peak for the first time in a long time. My step-dad and I hiked that, but I cannot remember how far up we got. We did get to the top of San Gregornio and San Jacinto, though, in other years. As I get older, and continue to function with only one leg, those experiences take on new meaning, knowing I was able to have them in my life. Many do not. Ever.

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  1. My boss at the seed company in Broomfield, outside of Boulder, had to send all employees home at lunch on 3/25 as a blizzard was busy dropping a foot of snow in the company parking lot. As it was he had to put his shoulder to several of the cares to get them out of the lot! Right in the middle of the big spring shipping crunch. oh well! He said they sorely needed the moisture. They’re in a rain shadow of the Rockies and typically get only a little precip every year. Glad you had a good trip!

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