Chalk Fire Burn Area, 2

So much difference in the various areas — severe damage and great restoration. I did not get a photo, but the Madrones are coming back from the roots of the burned trees. It will be years before the Madrone forests are as thick as they were, but they will recover. Some of the burned redwoods have sprouts coming out all up and down the blackened trunks. It is amazing to see.

I have some general photos of different aspects of the fire’s aftermath, and the recovery that I have been trying to upload tonight, but alas, the internet is not cooperating. When I can …

dsc_19161This is a creek that runs under Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. It has become all silted up, and overflowed the road, at some point.

dsc_1878In the background one can see several emerald areas where the retardant was dropped. In the foreground one can see the California Poppies, red maid, and popcorn flowers. In the distance is Cone Peak.

More photos tomorrow, when I am not so frustrated with the unreliability of my internet connection. I have general photos showing the aftermath, as well as more wildflower photos — fields of Indian Warrior, Poppies, and Baby Blue Eyes, as well as a mixture of all sorts of wildflowers. Until then … sleep well, and have a great day.

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