Nature’s Garden

BTW, it is RAINING up here on Saturday morning. Not pouring, just a nice soft, gentle drizzle, but rain, none-the-less.

It matters not how many times I come down my road, it is an ever-changing exquisiteness. This is some of the latest.


And here are a couple shots of Pacific Valley Center’s garden. I love the rocks!


~ by bigsurkate on June 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Nature’s Garden”

  1. You have the eye!


  2. Ditto Scott’s comment!


  3. Hi Kate,

    Me and the fam — Coloradans — were in Big Sur this past weekend, woke up Saturday morning at Plaskett to the pitter-patter of rain on the tent, which sent me back to sleep after awakening decidedly too early. (Saw Jimmy, the Kamp Kommandant, drive by at Sand Dollar Beach parking lot, but didn’t get to say hi.) Thankfully, Sunday morning at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park was sunny — first sunny daybreak of the entire week on the California coast! We appreciated that as it was a cold night. We had an incredible and joyous time at Moonstone Beach, with the sea lions, at Sand Dollar, at Pfeiffer Beach, had a great burger and breakfast at Ripplewood — the flowers outside were amazing! Were too late to eat at Deetjens, had the best wine of the week at the Big Sur Roadhouse, which had beautiful artwork on the walls, and also an enchilada as good as any. Did I forget the mighty redwoods? Quite a sight. Ultimately it was all about the beaches for us. We spent long hours at Sand Dollar and Pfeiffer and Moonstone (which we’re counting as part of Big Sur). We drove up Naci Road on a cloudy Saturday morning in search of a gargantuan-size sugar pine cone, and noticed evidence of last year’s fire. We didn’t get to see Cone Peak for the clouds, sigh. Waved up from Plaskett in your direction — thanks for keeping us in the loop of all things Big Sur! Your un-met friends in Colorado.


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