Early June weather

Just a heads-up for those under the fog who haven’t noticed the increased cloud cover. Starting tonight, Tuesday, June 2nd, there is a 20% chance of showers, increasing to 50% by Thursday night through Friday. Would be nice to cut through some of this dust, and give some of our thirsty hills a drink. Let’s hope, anyway.

Tile Factory

Tile Factory, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

This is part of the kiln operation in Fes, Morocco. I fell in love with the natural light. It helped to have some bright colors.

A photo to satisfy the visual side, until my camera arrives. I can still take photos, but I cannot tell you how frustrating, and “iffy” the whole process is.

Poll Results

Okay, results are in. 38 people voted, all but one wants to see more Big Sur garden photos. People are still voting, about one a day, but so far, all but one still want to see more Big Sur gardens. Once my camera arrives, I will start taking photos of local gardens to share with all of you, whenever I think of it. 

More on the budget fiasco and its effect on our State Parks as information becomes available.